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May 29, 2003 – WSEN FM Radio Cruise In at the Regional Market (Syracuse, NY)

Crystal Ball Cruise association will be holding a photo shoot at the Regional Market at 6:30PM on Thursday, May 29, 2003. Pictures will be taken of this year’s participants of Crystal Ball (cars and owners). Mike Slater – senior at Skaneateles High School – will be photographed in traditional Crystal Ball Cruise jail bird outfit standing next to a 1937 Pontiac Crystal Ball police car. This will be the vehicle that Mike and his date will be riding in to their ball. Mike was chosen for the traditional police arrest (in jest), because he was responsible for bringing the event to his school. The idea is to promote abuse free evening and get high on life: Mike has embraced the idea and cared enough for his classmates to help organize their special day.

Saturday, May 31, 2003 is the actual day of the Crystal Ball Cruise in Skaneateles.
Cars will be lining up starting at 4:30PM. At 6:30 the ceremony will begin and at 6:45 Mike will put on the jailbird outfit and be arrested thus starting the Crystal Ball Cruise 2003.

All public is invited to line the parade route and applaud the students for taking the stand. For more information, please check association’s website – www.crystalballcruise.com or contact founder – Matt McGill at 315.374.7964

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