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  Marcellus High School

Marcellus Crystal Ball Cruise (May 22, 2004)

Information for Drivers (Car owners)

The Marcellus High School Ball is excited to announce once again being selected to participate with the Crystal Ball Cruise Association. This year’s Senior Ball will be held on May 22, 2004 at LeMoyne Manor in Liverpool. The Crystal Ball Association is asking classic car owners such as yourself to support our Seniors on their life time memory special night. The Marcellus Seniors pledge to remain alcohol and drug free for the evenings’ activities. In return for their pledge, the Crystal Ball Cruise will transport couples to and from the ball’s location in classic cars driven by you. This is a wonderful opportunity for our young people to enjoy a safe and positive night.

The Crystal Ball Cruise is incorporated under the laws of the State of New York. We provide a special insurance policy for you and the students for this special evening. The “After the Ball Committee” invites all the drivers and their companions to the Lakeside Bowling Center which is located further down Liverpool Road from LeMoyne Manor for pizza, wings, salad, soda, coffee and dessert, compliments of the Senior Class. The lanes will be open for your enjoyment, as we have reserved the bowling center at a discount rate exclusively for you. We are also including the drivers in “After the Ball” raffle. The raffle ticket is included with this letter, so please fill it out and turn it in upon arriving at the Marcellus School where we will depart.

Here is how the evening will look:

4:00pm PROMPTLY arrive and line up at the Marcellus High School, Mustang Hill, Marcellus, New York 13108. (Off Rt. 174, North Street, Marcellus)
LOAD SENIORS into car approximately 6:15pm. (Count 60 couples+)
START ENGINES 6:25pm and in a police escorted procession leaving Marcellus for LeMoyne Manor, 629 Old Liverpool Road (457-3000) in Liverpool to arrive at 6:45pm. The couples will exit their cars for their Senior Ball.
DRIVERS will continue on same road to Lakeview Bowling Center, 715 Old Liverpool Road (457-1560)
APPROXIMATELY 11:30pm the drivers will return to LeMoyne Manor to reload couples and proceed to the Ultimate Goal in Marcellus for the “AFTER THE BALL PARTY.”

AT THIS TIME, The Crystal Ball Cruise is over, but you are welcome to stop in to see the “After the Ball Party.”

RAIN OR SHINE The Crystal Ball Cruise will go on with your help. What we need are vehicles that can hold a couple. IF you are able to drive your vehicle, help with the cruise or have any questions, please contact Jack Murphy 673-4248 or Maureen Romano 673-4850/673-2271.

The Marcellus High School Senior Ball Committee and all the parents would like to extend their sincere appreciation to volunteer drivers for this year’s Cruise for helping to make this a wonderful, safe and lifetime memory for our young people.

If you know of another driver(s) you feel would want to be part of the Crystal Ball Cruise, just have them contact us.


690W to Marcellus
At Fairgrounds at sign for Auburn—bear to your right, continue bearing to your right. Continue heading west. Exit Hinsdale Road, take left. Continue up hill to W. Genesee St. (see W. Genesee school straight ahead). Take Right onto W. Genesee St., (see P&C) third light turn Left onto Kasson Road. Continue to blinking light, take Right onto Howlett Hill Road. Keep going quite a ways till another blinking light (Rt.174/Seneca Turnpike), take Right into Town of Marcellus. Next light, take Right (North Street), on left will be bus garage, take left onto Learning Way bear to your right, past elementary school until you see parking lot of high school.

Old Liverpool Road from Marcellus
Follow above directions to get back on to 690 (Hinsdale Road). Continue until Hiawatha Blvd. exit, take left, go past Carousel Center. Second light, turn left on Park Street. Continue, follow sign for Old Liverpool Road. Continue to LeMoyne Manor drop off couples and Lakeview Bowling Center continue down the road for drivers and companions.

Old Liverpool Road to Ultimate Goal
Take right from parking lot, back on to Park Street, take right onto Hiawatha Blvd. Continue to 690W entrance (past Carousel Center). (*See above 690W to Marcellus) When you reach the blinking light at Rt. 174/Seneca Turnpike as if you were going into the Town----you continue straight DO NOT TURN. Ultimate Goal will be on your left, you will go half a mile or so, there will be a car dealership on other side of road.

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